Realm Rank 80
Region Rank 3348
World Rank 5624
Current Progress
Uldir: 50%
Battle of Dazar'alor: 44%
Crucible of Storms: 0%

After a series of schedule clashes for our healers we managed to get some pulls done on Grong! After a good night of learning we managed to get both Mythic Grong and Mythic Jadefire Master's down on a single night!

One progression night two new boss kills sounds like good work to me! Keep up the good work everyone, onwards and upwards!

Mythic Grong Down! - 10/3/2019

Mythic Jadefire Masters down! - 10/3/2019

Within two progression weekends, Twilight Souls has now succesfully downed both Zek’voz and Vectis, setting the score up to 4/8 Mythic Uldir so far for this Tier. The raiders quickly grasped dancing around the Surging Darkness – and then, apart from Negg, the Blood Geysers on Vectis the week after! A big victory without too many raiders begging for the first Orb, and with only a few painful lesions. Well done everyone – Onwards to Fetid Devourer!

Mythic Vectis Down! 18/11/2018

After a great start to Battle for Azeroth, Twilight Souls walk away with a Week 2 Ahead of the Curve: G'huun and a kill on Mythic Taloc. The hard work everyone has put in preparing for raiding at the start of BFA paid off with a very good start to the tier! Keep up the good work and lets get MOTHER down quickly!

Ahead of the Curve: G'huun

Mythic Taloc down!

Mythic Coven down 13/5/2018

As the journey continues, TWSL claims another grand victory. The Coven of Shivarra has effectively been dissolved, and the songs of fire and frost debuffs are done for. See ya, Old Man Adds! Well played raiders - we're almost there, onwards to Aggramar a.k.a. the Brick Wall!

Mythic Kin'garoth - 01/04/2018

The Apocalyptic Ruiner has been ruined! It was only protocol that Kin'garoth had to go too on Mythic difficulty.
After a few weeks of steady progression, the 7th encounter of the Burning Throne is eliminated, and Twilight Souls moves onwards to Varimathras.

Well done everyone! As always a pleasure - in the spirit of Kin'garoth: Stay Ballin' !

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