Realm Rank 80
Region Rank 3348
World Rank 5624
Current Progress
The Emerald Nightmare: 100%
The Nighthold: 40%
Trial of Valor: 67%
Tomb of Sargeras: 56%
Antorus, the Burning Throne: 18%

First boss down in Mythic Tomb of Sargeras for [TwSL] Twilight Souls!

Continuing our trend from Nighthold of downing Mythic Boss' without 20 people we managed to kill Goroth tonight! Not too bad a fight for the first boss in the raid, only a little different Heroic with some some added soaks... (Tomb of SoakgerasTM is real)

Thanks to Rhob for healing while Sham was away, wouldnt of been able to do it without you. Good work everyone and keep up the good work :)

Mythic Goroth - 14/08/2017

After a couple of 0% wipes Kil'jaeden Heroic finally died tonight! The fight has some nasty overlaps and this tier in general was a lot more tightly tuned than other raids so far in Legion, but that only made it more fun! This was a satisfying boss to kill after we killed Avatar weeks ago, killing hard content is why we play the game after all! Good work everyone in this tier, still getting better and better every tier; lets keep it up! 

Now onto Mythic, keep up the good work guys and keep having fun :)

Kil'jaeden Heroic - 30/07/17

Fallen Avatar, Felled!

Darkxblade ao posted Jul 8, 17

Fallen Avatar Heroic - 08/07/17

Took an extra week, but Fallen Avatar Heroic is finally down! This one actually felt like a hard one, and took a lot of work especially due to our current lack of Ranged DPS in the roster! Good work everyone getting this down though this was a proper boss! Thanks for staying up late thats 8/9 Heroic now guys, onto Kil'jaeden....

Just a quick one as its only normal.... but good job everyone! First raid of the new tier and we cleared the whole of normal Tomb of Sargeras in one night. The start of an epic weekend for [TwSL] Twilight Souls i feel!

Whoever said we needed 20 people for Mythic progression needs to rethink some. After only 3 days of seeing Mythic content, we have successfully cleared the first 3 bosses of Nighthold Mythic!

With only having 16 people for our first look at Mythic NH, we managed (with a bit of luck) to kill Skorpyron after a good few attempts. It was much better to see the top of the meters not solid purple as we usually do on heroic! It was a tricky fight with an easy possibility for messing up, but we managed!


After a quick look at Chronomatic after killing Skorpyron, we spent most of the second day putting in some solid attempts, getting him lower each try, with a few high hp attempts (after orb problems). We unfortunately did not down him that night, however we were set on downing him tonight, and that’s exactly what we did! On our 4th try!


After killing Chronomatic, we ran straight to Trilliax, managing to kill him on our 4th attempt! This guy wasn’t as hard as he looked, and who doesn’t enjoy cake?


A big shout-out to Darkxblade, our main tank and GM. He managed to complete some Mythic progression while playing on the other side of the globe in Hong Kong with a massive ping, and only “occasionally” getting caught in an Annihilation beam on Trilliax!

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